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Life isn't just studying for students at Bethel Blooms School

At Bethel Blooms School the primary focus is to nurture children's natural inquisitiveness, develop their self-confidence in their intelligence and in their ability to succeed and to teach them to be responsible and independent learners and teachers. We seek to enroll students of sound character and educational promise who will provide a diverse population in talent, background and experience. The school is looking for students with strong academic potential who will profit from our unique educational philosophy. A rigorous and challenging curriculum combined with a dedicated faculty, enables each student's abilities and potential to be maximized while encouraging the young person to contribute his or her imagination, curiosity, and special interests to the entire Bethel Blooms community.

Admission process upholds the School's tradition of excellence in academics, the arts, and athletics. Faculty and Administration share the responsibility for student selection. Student selection is based on academic and non-academic considerations. Admission criteria include scholastic performance, test scores, and reports of demonstrated talents and interests. Here, each class would be having 30 children, and every year students will be admitted to preparatory classes-LKG I & II.

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New admissions are generally accepted in the beginning of the academic year up to the 25th of May.

Registration : Parents may make application for registering their children in the school office on or after 1st of January. Registration of the name does not guarantee the admission. The idea of registering the names in advance is to estimate the probable number of students seeking admission to ensure limited number of pupils in each class, to examine the feasibility of opening new divisions and to create a channel to correspond with the parent / guardian to appraise him / her of the latest information about admission.

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