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Dress Code
1 Uniform must be pressed.
2 Shoes should be polished.
3 Use of jewellery which becomes a nuisance or attracts undue attention in study situation will not be permitted.
4 Make-up of anykind is strictly prohibited.
Transport Code
1 Transport facilities are provided for the convenience of the students.
2 Those who wish to avail the bus facility, will have to fill in the form.
3 Students must report at the scheduled pick up stop 5 minutes before the fixed time.
4 Eating or drinking in the bus is strictly prohibited.
5 Bus-fee has to be paid in 3 Terms.
*Entrance test will be conducted for U.K.G,(English and Maths)I-III(Englisn,Maths,Science)
*The CCE scheme brings about a paradigm shif from examination to effective pedagogy.
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